Commercial Building Renovation & Remodeling in St. Louis

Office renovation and remodeling projects can often provide unique challenges to the owner, their employees, the design team and especially to contractors working on the project.  Bringing in a contractor with a thorough understanding of those challenges, early in the design process, is paramount to the financial and emotional success of the project. 

Commercial Office Interior
Commercial Office Renovation

Items to take into consideration include:

  • Will the office remain open and functioning during construction?  If so, what is the level of impact to daily activities and increased costs the owner and employees are willing to tolerate?
  • Is the occupant also the owner?  Having a contractor who understands business and can translate that information to constructability analysis can provide short and long-term considerations during the preconstruction phase.
  • Is the occupant a renter?  If the business is renting its office space, the renovations become a form of tenant improvements in which case the owner or occupant generally accepts a greater amount of risk.

In short, businesses make office improvements or remodels for a number of different reasons, and having a contractor with a complete understanding of the nuances of building in these settings is a must. 

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